Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28

"Choose your final meal on death row and make it."

I've actually been looking forward to today since I got The Book. Being a chef, this was something I've always kind of wondered about and it was really fun to actually do it. When I started to think about my favorite foods and what I would want as my last meal, it immediately brought me back to some of the most memorable foods of my childhood.
Rueben sandwiches have become one of my favorite foods overall, so I had to include that. When I was younger, whenever we had a party or a pot luck my mom would always make these awesome meatballs cooked in a slow cooker with alfredo sauce. That had to be in there. I also have very vivid memories of going to my grandmother's house and every time I went I would immediately get the step stool so I could reach the cupboard and make myself a glass of chocolate NesQuik. Got it. Last but not least, dessert. Even to this day, my nana makes this amazing pistachio cake for my brother and I for our birthdays. It is hands-down my all-time favorite dessert. This was also a perfect excuse for nana to give me her secret recipe. Woo! After all this amazing food, I was definitely ready for a food coma which is kind of fitting being that this would be my final meal.

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